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Annual Society Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following CNSF members that have been awarded 2019 Society Prizes.

2019 First Place Prize Winners

CNS – Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize - Adil Harroud

“Childhood obesity and multiple sclerosis susceptibility: a Mendelian randomization study”

CNS – Andre Barbeau Memorial Prize - Vincent Picher-Martel

“Neuronal expression of Ubiqulin-2 mutant exacerbates TDP-43 aggregation in ALS mouse mode”

CACN – The President’s Prize - Michelle Chiu

“Prevalence and determinants of seizure action plans in a pediatric epilepsy population”

CSCN – Herbert Jasper Prize - Andrea Parks

“Diagnostic yield of Next Generation Sequencing and Myositis autoantibody panels in patients with Axial Myopathy”

CNSS – KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Clinical Research - Cameron Elliott

“Intraoperative acquisition of diffusion tensor imaging in cranial neurosurgery: readout-segmented DT1 versus standard single-shot DT1”

CNSS- KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Basic Research - Candice Poon

“Differential microglia and macrophage profiles in human IDH-mutant and-wildtype glioblastoma reveal therapeutic vulnerabilities”

Supplementary Society Prize Awards

CNS - Autoimmune Encephalitis
This year, the CNS was able to provide an additional opportunity for prize submission. In cooperation with the Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation, they selected two prize winners for the best papers on Autoimmune Encephalitis.

CNS - Autoimmune Encephalitis - Dhruv Jain
“Effects of REM sleep in anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis with extreme delta brush pattern”

CNS - Autoimmune Encephalitis – Aravind Ganesh
“Worldwide neurologist survey on management of autoimmune encephalitis”

CNSS has also awarded 2 – Second Place Prizes for the following Abstract Prize submissions.

CNSS – KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Clinical Research – 2nd Prize - Ayoub Dakson
“A nation-wide prospective multi-centre study of external ventricular drainage accuracy, safety and related complications”

CNSS- KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Basic Research – 2nd Prize – Farshad Nassiri
“Predicting individualized risk of recurrence: development and validation of a DNA-methylation based nomogram in meningioma”