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Annual Society Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following CNSF members that have been awarded 2018 Society Prizes.

Canadian Neurosurgical Society (CNSS)

K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Basic Neuroscience Research

Winner:                        Christopher Ahuja

Abstract Title:              SMaRT Human Neural Stem Cells to Degrade Scar and Optimize Regeneration after Traumatic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Canadian Neurosurgical Society (CNSS)

K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Clinical Neuroscience Research

Winner:                        Amparo Wolf

Abstract Title:              The Risk of Malignancy after Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Canadian Association of Child Neurology (CACN)

President’s Prize

Winner:                        Abdulla Alawadhi

Abstract title:               Immune Deficiencies/Dysregulations Underpinning Childhood LimbicEncephalitis: a case series and literature review

Canadian Neurological Society (CNS)

Andre Barbeau Memorial Prize for Basic Research

Winner:                        Saud Alhusaini

Abstract title:               The Relationship Between Carotid Stenosis, Cerebral Cortex Structure and Cognitive Function at Age 73

Canadian Neurological Society (CNS)

Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize for Clinical Research

Winner:                        Natalie Parks

Abstract Title:              A Population-based Study of “No Evident Disease Activity” (NEDA) in Multiple Sclerosis