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Splitting, Bounding, and Almost Disjointness Can Be Quite Different

  • Vera Fischer (a1) and Diego Alejandro Mejia (a1)


We prove the consistency of

$$~~\text{add}\left( \mathcal{N} \right)<\operatorname{cov}\left( \mathcal{N} \right)<\mathfrak{p}\text{=}\mathfrak{s}\text{=}\mathfrak{g}< \text{add}\left( \mathcal{M} \right)=\text{cof}\left( \mathcal{M} \right)<\mathfrak{a}=\mathfrak{r}=\text{non}\left( N \right)=\mathfrak{c}$$
with $\text{ZFC}$ , where each of these cardinal invariants assume arbitrary uncountable regular values.



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Splitting, Bounding, and Almost Disjointness Can Be Quite Different

  • Vera Fischer (a1) and Diego Alejandro Mejia (a1)


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