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A Special Case of Completion Invariance for the c 2 Invariant of a Graph

  • Karen Yeats (a1)


The ${{c}_{2}}$ invariant is an arithmetic graph invariant defined by Schnetz. It is useful for understanding Feynman periods. Brown and Schnetz conjectured that the ${{c}_{2}}$ invariant has a particular symmetry known as completion invariance. This paper will prove completion invariance of the ${{c}_{2}}$ invariant in the case where we are over the field with 2 elements and the completed graph has an odd number of vertices. The methods involve enumerating certain edge bipartitions of graphs; two different constructions are needed.



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A Special Case of Completion Invariance for the c 2 Invariant of a Graph

  • Karen Yeats (a1)


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