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Some Problems Associated with Weighing Aphids That Have Fed After Starving, as a Method of Measuring Intake of Plant Sap

  • A. G. Robinson (a1)


In recent years, experimental research on feeding and nutrition of aphids has been closely associated with studies on host plant resistance or susceptibility to aphids. No satisfactory artificial feeding technique has yet been devised. Maltais (1952) and Day and Irzykiewicz (195 3) have described methods using membranes, and reviewed the literature on previous attempts to induce plant-sucking insects to feed through membranes. Recently, Maltais (1959) has offered a promising alternative method using plant cuttings in organic nutrient solutions. His new technique was developed to exploit the findings of Mittler (1957) that the natural turgor pressure of willow apparently forced phloem sieve-tube sap up the stylets of Tuberolachnus salignus (Gmelin) .



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Some Problems Associated with Weighing Aphids That Have Fed After Starving, as a Method of Measuring Intake of Plant Sap

  • A. G. Robinson (a1)


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