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Revision of the Neotropical parasitoid wasp genus Hapsinotus (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Banchinae)

  • M. Alvarado (a1) (a2) (a3), S. Bordera (a4), A. Rodríguez-Berrío (a5) and L. Figueroa (a2) (a3)


The species of the Neotropical genus Hapsinotus Townes, 1970 (Hymenoptera: Banchinae) are revised. A total of 31 new species are described: H. amallullanew species, H. amaquellanew species, H. amarakaerinew species, H. amasuanew species, H. amazonensisnew species, H. bicolornew species, H. brevisnew species, H. chiquitanew species, H. etenew species, H. guntherinew species, H. huaoraninew species, H. kentorinew species, H. killanew species, H. lamasinew species, H. mariannaenew species, H. mashconew species, H. michenerinew species, H. petirrojonew species, H. pittierinew species, H. plaumanninew species, H. prolixusnew species, H. pukanew species, H. secoyanew species, H. shushufindinew species, H. sofiaenew species, H. surinennew species, H. tainonew species, H. tupinew species, H. vilcainew species, H. yananew species, and H. yumbonew species. Hapsinotus is recorded for the first time in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. The range of distribution is expanded for H. atripleurum Townes, 1970 to Brazil and Ecuador, H. morenus Ugalde-Gómez and Gauld, 2002 to Panama, H. nigrogena Ugalde-Gómez and Gauld, 2002 to Ecuador, H. notaulator Ugalde-Gómez and Gauld, 2002 to Panama, H. parvatus Ugalde-Gómez and Gauld, 2002 to Mexico, and H. transversus Ugalde-Gómez and Gauld, 2002 to Brazil and Peru. A key to the species of the genus is provided.


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Subject editor: Alejandro Zaldivar-Riveron



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