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1 Reflections on the General Principles of Community Law

  • Gil Carlos Rodriguez Iglesias



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4 I very much hope that 1 will not see the day when this analysis is confirmed. See further Berman, F.Community Law and International Law: How Far Does Either Belong to the OtherThe Clifford Chance Lectures (given at the Institute of Anglo-American Law, University of Leiden) (OUP, 1996) vol. 01, 249 .

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45 SirGoldsmith, JamesThe European Court of Justice is a political court with a political agenda. Its rulings, time and again, are based on principles that the Court simply creates and which have no legal basis in the Treaties themselvesSleepwalking into the European Superstate, pamphlet published by the Referendum Party (1996), 5 .

46 Lord Mackenzie-Stuart “The European Communities and the Rule of Law”, Chapter 2 in “The Court of Justice and the Judicial Process – The Sources of Community law” The Hamlyn Lectures 29th Series, p.12 “there are those unwritten rules which stem rather from the nature of the judicial function itself, from the concept of good administration or from the particular character of Community law”.

47 James Dalrymple, first Viscount Stair, Institutions of the Law of Scotland first published in 1681, second authoritative edition in 1693, current edition edited by Walker, D.M. (1981).

* President of the European Court of Justice. This contribution is a transcript of the inaugural Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture, delivered on 10 February 1997 for the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS) in the Cambridge Law Faculty. Elizabeth Willocks, Legal Secretary to the President, assisted in the preparation of this lecture.


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