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The use of odour attractants for sampling Glossina pallidipes Austen(Diptera: Glossinidae) at Nguruman, Kenya

  • R. D. Dransfield (a1), R. Brightwell (a1), M. F. Chaudhury (a1), T. K. Golder (a1) and S. A. R. Tarimo (a1)...


Various ketones and 1-octen-3-ol were used as odour attractants with biconical traps at Nguruman, south-western Kenya, to assess their effects on the catch size and composition of Glossina pallidipes Austen. Acetone, methyl ethyl ketone and 1-octen-3-ol were found to be effective in increasing catch size by up to 2–4×, but the two ketones differed in their dose-response curves. Acetone was more effective for males than females, as was 1-octen-3-ol. The age composition of samples from baited and unbaited traps differed only slightly. The level of variability between traps was reduced by the use of odour. Acetone with cow urine produced increases in catch of 9–25×, and significant differences were found between samples in sex ratio and age composition. The index of increase for cow urine plus acetone, when used with a biconical trap, was correlated with temperature changes during the day. This could only be partially accounted for by variability in dose rates. Cow urine with acetone is considered to be a potentially useful combination of baits for community participation tsetse control schemes.



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