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Some observations on Aedes (Aedimorphus) dentatus (Theo.) (Dipt., Culicidae) in Kenya

  • D. Metselaar (a1), E. C. C. van Someren (a2), J. H. Ouma (a3), H. K. Koskei (a3) and W. Gemert (a4)...


Investigations were carried out on the ecology of Aedes (Aedimorphus) dentatus (Theo.) in the Ngong Forest near Nairobi between 22 June and 10 September 1971. Five 24-h collections on human bait showed that Ae. dentatus is predominantly a daytime biter with a peak of activity around sunset. At the time of its greatest activity none came to bite on the 7- or 10-m platforms. Of 94 blood-meal specimens, 50 were of Bovid origin (cattle), 18 from unidentified Bovids, 13 from unidentified mammals, one from a bird, three from any primate and nine did not react with the antisera used. Resting adults were frequently found underneath leaves of Hypoestes verticillaris, a herb which grows in partly shaded areas in the forest near the forest edge. A few adults came to bite in a house outside the forest not far from the forest edge. Breeding places were not found. The evidence for Ae. dentatus being a vector of yellow fever is inconclusive. The 33 other species of mosquitoes collected are listed.



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