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The mosquitoes of Bwamba County, Uganda. X. Observations on the biting behaviour of Anopheles spp. other than A. gambiae Giles, with notes on the behaviour of these species in the Entebbe area

  • A. J. Haddow (a1) and Y. Ssenkubuge (a2)


This paper reports the data for the uncommon Anopheles spp. from 24-h man-baited catches mainly in the Semliki Forest, Uganda, but also from the Zika and Mpanga Forests Anopheles (Cellia) nili (Theo.), A. (C.) marshallii (Theo.), A. (C.) demeilloni Evans, A. (C.) squamosus Theo., A. (A.) coustani Lav. s. str. and A. (A.) tenebrosus (Dön.) were rarely caught. A. (A.) obscurus (Grünb.), A. (C.) moucheti Evans and A. (C.) keniensis Evans were also scarce, but the numbers did indicate nocturnal and ground-haunting habits. Comparison of catches of the less uncommon species (A. (A.) ziemanni Grünb., A. (A.) paludis Theo., A. (A.) implexus (Theo.), A. (C.) funestus Giles, A. (C.) hargreavesi Evans and A. (C.) pharoensis Theo.) with those obtained by other workers showed them to be primarily ground haunting and nocturnal but with wide variation in their temporal distribution patterns.



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