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Diapause and its regulation in the whitefly Trialeurodes lauri

  • D. Gerling (a1), M. Guershon (a1), E. Erel (a1) and M. Inbar (a2)


This study focuses on the regulation of synchronization between the life cycle of the oligophagous whitefly, Trialeurodes lauri (Signoret), and its evergreen host tree Arbutus andrachne in Mediterranean chaparral. Whitefly infestations vary considerably among trees. The adults of the univoltine (one generation per year) whitefly emerge en masse during April and May and oviposit on the new spring foliage. Following approximately one month of development to the early fourth instar, the nymphs enter nine-month diapauses, terminating in February. This diapause is induced and maintained by the plant and can be experimentally avoided (in the case of developing young nymphs) or terminated (in the case of diapausing fourth instars), if whitefly-bearing branches are severed from the tree and placed in water under laboratory conditions. This study is the first report of a whitefly diapausing through both summer and winter seasons. The role of the host plant in the process is discussed.


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Diapause and its regulation in the whitefly Trialeurodes lauri

  • D. Gerling (a1), M. Guershon (a1), E. Erel (a1) and M. Inbar (a2)


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