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Muscid shoot-flies of the Philippine Islands (Diptera: Muscidae, genus Atherigona Rondani)

  • A.C. Pont and F.R. Magpayo


The Philippine species of Atherigona are revised for the first time. Summaries of previous taxonomic and biological work are presented, and keys for the identification of the species are given. Notes or descriptions are provided for each species, together with illustrations of the male and female terminalia and of other diagnostic features. A full bibliography for the Philippines completes the paper. Forty-four species have been identified and named, of which thirty-five are newly recorded from the Philippines, and a further twenty-nine species have been diagnosed but not described. Eleven new species are described: Atherigona (Acritochaeta) cristata, A. (A), dahlia, A. (A.) lamellifera, A. (A.) philema, A. (A) strigula, A. (A.) tenuipes; Atherigona (Atherigona) ambulans, A. (A.) libra, A. (A.) osculata, A. (A.) pica and A. (A.) savia. Seven new synonyms are established, based on type-examinations: A. nigripes Stein, 1900 (synn. n.: longiseta Malloch, 1924; pilimana Hennig, 1952; ferrari Pont, 1986); A. unguicauda Malloch, 1928 (syn. n.: hirtitarsis Pont, 1986); A. orbicularis Fan & Liu, 1982 (syn. n.: occulta Pont, 1986); A. maculigera Stein, 1910 (syn. n.: crassiseta Stein, 1915); A. seticauda Malloch, 1926 (syn. n.: dorsovittata Malloch, 1928).



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Muscid shoot-flies of the Philippine Islands (Diptera: Muscidae, genus Atherigona Rondani)

  • A.C. Pont and F.R. Magpayo


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