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The hills and uplands of the UK

  • J. M. M. Cunningham (a1) and C. R. Groves (a1)


The history of hill farming is traced from early times and the changes in practices described. The economic problems are analysed and the role of Government intervention has been outlined and assessed.

Research has created a basket of methods to exploit the potential of the ‘upland’ areas and these are discussed in relation to their up-take in practice and the role of the extension services in promotion.

The physical resources are briefly outlined and the contemporary economic development of the industry as influenced by the EEC and other agencies is discussed.

The impact of the demand for recreation, the need to conserve habitats and wildlife and the importance of rural amenity are examined in relation to upland agriculture and the several official organisations involved and proposals are offered. The conflicts in land use and the socio-economic problems of remote areas are discussed and appropriate policy initiatives are proposed.



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