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Hooke's Theory of the Earth's Axial Displacement: Some Contemporary Opinion

  • A. J. Turner (a1)


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3 The series apparently began on 8 December 1686, being continued on 15, 22, and 29 December. The three fundamental points concerning the fixity of the poles, the figure of the earth's surface, and whether all perpendiculars to it pass exactly through the same point were adumbrated on 19 January, and their application to the problem of fossil shells proposed on 26 January, being elaborated on 2, 9, and 23 February. See Birch, Thomas, The history of the Royal Society of London (4 vols., London, 17561757), iv. 511–13, 516, 521–5.

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10 Printed by permission from Bodleian Library MS. Ashmole, 1813, ff. 327v328v.

11 This qualification, which is written above the line in the MS., was clearly an afterthought on Wallis's part.

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13 Riccioli, G. B., Almagestum novam astronomiam veterem novamque complectens … in tres tomos distributum (Bologna, 1651), p. 16. The question is discussed in more detail in Geographiae et hydrographiae reformatae libri dvodecim (Bologna, 1661), 300–20. Pythias's observations and Gassendi's reference are discussed on p. 320, col. 1.

14 Pierce, Robert (?1622–1710), a noted physician practicing in Bath, , presented this shell on 6 10 1685 (ESO, iv. 161), although it had been reported and discussed in November 1684. For a description of the finding of the shell, see Pierce's letter to Aubrey, John, 28 11 1684, in ESO, xii. 237.

15 Printed by permission from MS. Ashmole, 1813, f. 329r.

Hooke's Theory of the Earth's Axial Displacement: Some Contemporary Opinion

  • A. J. Turner (a1)


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