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Fair Valuation of Liabilities

  • C.J. Hairs (a1), D.J. Belsham, N.M. Bryson, C.M. George, D.J.P. Hare, D.A. Smith and S. Thompson...


A project to develop an Accounting Standard for Insurance, with the aim of enhancing understandability, relevance, reliability and comparability of general purpose financial reporting for insurance worldwide, is being progressed by the International Accounting Standards Board. The basis of the proposals is that assets and liabilities be shown at fair values (market values for quoted instruments). This paper, prepared by a Working Party established by the Life Board of the United Kingdom actuarial profession, summarises and comments upon a number of the principal features of the proposals, as they have emerged up to September 2001. The paper goes on to consider how a system of reporting for prudential regulatory purposes might be built upon a fair value general reporting base, summarising the thinking of a number of other bodies, proposing certain principles and suggesting lines of development. The appendices to the paper discuss a number of issues in further depth and present some illustrative results of some investigations into applying fair value methods in practice. The emphasis of the paper is on reporting for life assurance business, although many of the principles apply equally to general insurance.



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Fair Valuation of Liabilities

  • C.J. Hairs (a1), D.J. Belsham, N.M. Bryson, C.M. George, D.J.P. Hare, D.A. Smith and S. Thompson...


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