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Seeing Names on Pots

  • Philip Kenrick (a1)


It was with considerable hesitation that I acceded to the request from the journal's Review Editor to review all nine volumes of this remarkable corpus. This will necessarily be a partial and personal view, since I am not competent to evaluate all of its aspects or the full extent of its impact. For this reason, the review is written unashamedly in the first person. I can, however, write from the very particular perspective of someone who has brought to fruition a similar, if much more modest, project: a second edition of the Corpus Vasorum Arretinorum (OCK). For those who do not know it, this is a catalogue of names on Italian terra sigillata, compiled by August Oxé between 1896 and 1943, finally brought to publication by Howard Comfort in 1968 and revised, enlarged and brought into the digital age by myself between 1992 and 2000.



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