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The Effect of the Roman Occupation on the Environment of Hadrian's Wall: A Pollen Diagram from Fozy Moss, Northumbria.

  • Lisa Dumayne (a1)


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59 This work was undertaken as part of a SERC (SBAC) funded Ph.D. studentship at the Department of Geography, University of Southampton. Dr Keith Barber supervised the work and I would like to thank him for his advice and encouragement. Thanks are also due to the landowners for allowing access to the site; to Rob Stoneman for assistance with fieldwork and Dr D. Harkness at the NERC Radiocarbon laboratory in East Kilbride for analysis of material submitted for radiocarbon dating.

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The Effect of the Roman Occupation on the Environment of Hadrian's Wall: A Pollen Diagram from Fozy Moss, Northumbria.

  • Lisa Dumayne (a1)


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