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2021 Usage 
Total Full-Text Downloads: 207,790
Total Abstract Views: 26,847
Total Altmetric mentions: 1,139

2021 CiteScore
CiteScore: 2.3
Number of citations 2018-2021: 320
Number of documents 2018-2021: 140
288 out of 529 in Psychiatry and Mental Health category

Article Metrics 
We make the number of article downloads and Altmetric mentions available for each article published in the journal. From the article, navigate to the ‘Metrics’ tab to see this information.

Peer Review Metrics - All article types
Original submissions received in 2021
Number of submissions: 88
Number of submissions sent for peer review: 53 (60%)
Average number of reviewers invited: 4
Average number of reviews received: 2

Decisions made in 2021
Overall acceptance rate: 53%
Median time from submission to first decision: 44 days
Median time from submission to final decision: 56 days