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Introducing “Praxis”, the new trainees’ section of the BJPsych Bulletin

BJPsych Bulletin is developing an entirely new Trainees’ section. Praxis will launch in 2019. For details read Cate Bailey’s editorial Praxis makes perfect?

All ideas, proposals and suggestions are welcome. Please email

Clinical scenarios

The first type of article the journal will be looking for will be clinically inspired and problem based and aims to capture the fertile discussion of local case presentations with comprehensive analysis from multiple perspectives. This should include multidisciplinary and service user involvement. Trainees, as the lead authors will collaborate with experts from different specialities to examine how existing literature and knowledge can be applied to complex but frequently encountered situations. A template will be available as soon as possible.

Opinion and reflection

The second component will be made up of editorial type articles on subjects falling broadly under the heading of personal and professional development. This will offer a space for reflection on relevant contemporary topics. Potential avenues to explore include psychodynamic and systemic approaches to resilience and burnout, consideration of what supervision should entail, trainee experiences of their own personal therapy, discrimination in psychiatric training, and what meaningful service user involvement and co-production looks like in practice and in education.

Praxis is all about dialogue; between trainees and experts (whether by training or personal experience, or both) and will be a forum for rich and multifaceted discussions.