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Susceptibility to interference affects the second and the first language*



Memory is an integral part of language processing. Given this, a better understanding of how people learn, represent and process language requires considerations of the principles of memory that support language comprehension. Cunnings’ paper (Cunnings, 2016) does just this. The core of his proposal is that second language (L2) processing that is non-target like can be explained in terms of memory operations rather than by invoking a shallow processor (cf. Clahsen & Felser, 2006).


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Paola E. Dussias, Penn State University, Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, 439 Burrowes Building, University park, PA 16803, U.S.A.


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The writing of this commentary was funded in part by NIH grant 5R21HD071758 to Paola E. Dussias



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