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Nutrient requirements of catfishes (Siluroidei)

  • Riobert P. Wilson (a1) and Yann Moreau (a2)


The channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) is the most widely cultured foodfish in the U.S., thus most of the nutrient requirement data are available for this species. Qualitatively, about 40 nutrients have been identified as necessary for the normal metabolic function of the channel catfish with quantitative requirement values available for about 30 nutrients including amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Additional information is available on protein and energy requirements, digestible protein and energy coefficients as well as amino acid availability values. Thus adequate nutritional information is available to formulate high quality practical channel catfish feeds. Only limited nutrient requirement data are available for the other Siluroidei species. Some requirement data have been reported for a few species from Africa (Clarias gariepinus, C. isheriensis, Heterobranchus longifilis and H. bidorsalis), Asia (Clarias batrachus, C. macrocephalus, C. fuscus and Heteropneustes, fossilis) and Europe (Silurus glanis). The available requirement data will be summarized and compared with the requirement data for the channel catfish. Some variation does appear to exist in optimum dictary protein levels, essential fatty acid requirements, and lipid vs carbohydrate utilization.



Nutrient requirements of catfishes (Siluroidei)

  • Riobert P. Wilson (a1) and Yann Moreau (a2)


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