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A response to Keates and Kuzmin

  • Feng Li (a1), Steven L. Kuhn (a2) and Xing Gao (a1)


Susan Keates and Yaroslav Kuzmin have contributed valuable comments on our assessment of the chronology and technological characteristics of Shuidonggou localities 1 and 2. These comments have demonstrated some discordance in our publications that should be corrected here. Their rationale for abandoning the conclusions altogether is, however, weak at best. Most importantly, there is no reason to return to the chronology for the Initial Upper Palaeolithic (hereafter termed IUP) assemblages at the Shuidonggou site complex (SDG) proposed by Madsen et al. (2001). Keates and Kuzmin's critique focuses on two separate issues: the first is our characterisation of the assemblages from the lower part of SDG 2, and the second is our handling of the dates. We will address these in order.



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A response to Keates and Kuzmin

  • Feng Li (a1), Steven L. Kuhn (a2) and Xing Gao (a1)


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