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Palaeolithic perishables made permanent

  • O. Soffer (a1), J.M. Adovasio (a2), J.S. Illingworth (a2), H.A. Amirkhanov (a3), N.D. Praslov (a4) and M. Street (a5)...


Previous research has documented textile and basketry production at Moravian Upper Palaeolithic sites, c.27,000 BP. Recent research extends these technologies to Russia and Germany, and amplifies information on perishable fibre artefacts from France. Collectively, these data illustrate the ubiquity of perishable technologies across the late Pleistocene world.



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Palaeolithic perishables made permanent

  • O. Soffer (a1), J.M. Adovasio (a2), J.S. Illingworth (a2), H.A. Amirkhanov (a3), N.D. Praslov (a4) and M. Street (a5)...


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