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The Palaeoindian–Archaic transition in North America: new evidence from Texas

  • C. Britt Bousman (a1), Michael B. Collins (a2), Paul Goldberg (a3), Thomas Stafford (a4), Jan Guy (a2), Barry W. Baker (a5), D. Gentry Steele (a6), Marvin Kay (a7), Anne Kerr (a8), Glen Fredlund (a9), Phil Dering (a6), Vance Holliday (a10), Diane Wilson (a11), Wulf Gose (a12), Susan Dial (a2), Paul Takac (a2), Robin Balinsky (a12), Marilyn Masson (a13) and Joseph F. Powell (a14)...


The transition from Palaeoindian to Archaic societies in North America is often viewed as a linear progression over a brief but time-transgressive period. New evidence from the Wilson-Leonard site in Texas suggests social experimentation by Palaeoindians over a 2500-year period eventually resulted in Archaic societies. The process was neither short nor linear, and the evidence shows that different but contemporaneous lifeways existed in a variety of locales in the south-central US in the Early Holocene.



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The Palaeoindian–Archaic transition in North America: new evidence from Texas

  • C. Britt Bousman (a1), Michael B. Collins (a2), Paul Goldberg (a3), Thomas Stafford (a4), Jan Guy (a2), Barry W. Baker (a5), D. Gentry Steele (a6), Marvin Kay (a7), Anne Kerr (a8), Glen Fredlund (a9), Phil Dering (a6), Vance Holliday (a10), Diane Wilson (a11), Wulf Gose (a12), Susan Dial (a2), Paul Takac (a2), Robin Balinsky (a12), Marilyn Masson (a13) and Joseph F. Powell (a14)...


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