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Dzudzuana: an Upper Palaeolithic cave site in the Caucasus foothills (Georgia)

  • Ofer Bar-Yosef (a1), Anna Belfer-Cohen (a2), Tengiz Mesheviliani (a3), Nino Jakeli (a3), Guy Bar-Oz (a4), Elisabetta Boaretto (a5), Paul Goldberg (a6), Eliso Kvavadze (a7) and Zinovi Matskevich (a1)...


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Dzudzuana: an Upper Palaeolithic cave site in the Caucasus foothills (Georgia)

  • Ofer Bar-Yosef (a1), Anna Belfer-Cohen (a2), Tengiz Mesheviliani (a3), Nino Jakeli (a3), Guy Bar-Oz (a4), Elisabetta Boaretto (a5), Paul Goldberg (a6), Eliso Kvavadze (a7) and Zinovi Matskevich (a1)...


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