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Agro-pastoralist colonization of Cyprus in the 10th millennium BP: initial assessments

  • Edgar Peltenburg (a1), Sue Colledge (a2), Paul Croft (a3), Adam Jackson (a1), Carole McCartney (a4) and Mary Anne Murray (a2)...


Unexpectedly early evidence for the precocious spread of farming has recently emerged in Cyprus. It is argued that the transmission occurred as a result of migration related to ecosystem stress in the Levant. So strong are the connections of the colonists with the mainland that we suggest the term Cypro-Pre-Pottery Neolithic B to describe what has hitherto been a major lacuna in Cypriot prehistory. Consistent dates from key sites and the evolution of material culture indicate that this Cypro-PPNB sequence represents the hitherto elusive ancestry for the Khirokitian.



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