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A Triple-Headed Bucket Mount

  • E. J. W. Hildyard


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page 225 note 1 ‘Bronze-workers, Cauldrons and Bucket-Animals’ in Aspects of Archaeology in Britain and Beyond (Essays to O. G. S. Crawford, 1951), pp. 172–99.

page 225 note 2 Ibid., p. 196.

page 225 note 3 See the forthcoming report in G. & W. Trans, on excavations by the late Lt.-Col. O. H. North, F.S.A., and the writer, 1952-3.

page 225 note 4 Mr. W. Watson in his article on the Felmersham Bronzes (Antiq. Journ. xxix, 37–61) calls attention to the connexion of the river-god Achelous, who took the form of a bull and whose head has been identified on two bronze bucket escutcheons, with the ‘Lingering association of bucrania with water’.

page 226 note 1 Also quoted and illustrated by Professor Hawkes, pp. 197-8.

page 226 note 2 B.M. Guide to Early Iron Age Antiquities (1925), figs. 134 and 135 ; Leeds, , Celtic Ornament, 9098.

page 226 note 3 Antiq. Journ. xviii, 69, pl. xxix.

page 227 note 1 Op. cit., p. 196; see also Yorks. Arch. Journ. xxxiii, p. 336, fig. v, and xxiv, 134-7, fig. 25.

page 227 note 2 Op. cit., pl. VIIIa, p. 50.

page 228 note 1 Traces of solder remain in the hole.

page 228 note 2 The Brough sceptres and escutcheon were discovered as a result of pipe-laying, not official excavation, so that the finds may well not be complete.

page 228 note 3 The sight of the Pope (on a recent newsreel) sprinkling holy water on the worshippers from a small silver bucket reminded me of this point.

page 229 note 1 Bruce-Mitford, R. L. S., The Sutton Hoo Skip Burial, p. 19.

A Triple-Headed Bucket Mount

  • E. J. W. Hildyard


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