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A Cistercian Ware Kiln of the Early Sixteenth Century at Potterton, Yorkshire

  • P. Mayes, Elizabeth J. E. Pirie and H. E. Jean Le Patourel


This report covers the excavation of a pottery kiln producing fine Cistercian wares at a date close to 1500. The coal-fired kiln has six flues. The pottery was fired in large, coarsely made saggars and was remarkable for the wide colour range exhibited. The kiln was situated in the front garden of Potterton Grange Farm and this meant that the area available for investigation was limited.



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A Cistercian Ware Kiln of the Early Sixteenth Century at Potterton, Yorkshire

  • P. Mayes, Elizabeth J. E. Pirie and H. E. Jean Le Patourel


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