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Surface melt and ponding on Larsen C Ice Shelf and the impact of föhn winds

  • Adrian Luckman (a1), Andrew Elvidge (a2), Daniela Jansen (a3), Bernd Kulessa (a1), Peter Kuipers Munneke (a4), John King (a5) and Nicholas E. Barrand (a6)...


A common precursor to ice shelf disintegration, most notably that of Larsen B Ice Shelf, is unusually intense or prolonged surface melt and the presence of surface standing water. However, there has been little research into detailed patterns of melt on ice shelves or the nature of summer melt ponds. We investigated surface melt on Larsen C Ice Shelf at high resolution using Envisat advanced synthetic aperture radar (ASAR) data and explored melt ponds in a range of satellite images. The improved spatial resolution of SAR over alternative approaches revealed anomalously long melt duration in western inlets. Meteorological modelling explained this pattern by föhn winds which were common in this region. Melt ponds are difficult to detect using optical imagery because cloud-free conditions are rare in this region and ponds quickly freeze over, but can be monitored using SAR in all weather conditions. Melt ponds up to tens of kilometres in length were common in Cabinet Inlet, where melt duration was most prolonged. The pattern of melt explains the previously observed distribution of ice shelf densification, which in parts had reached levels that preceded the collapse of Larsen B Ice Shelf, suggesting a potential role for föhn winds in promoting unstable conditions on ice shelves.

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      Surface melt and ponding on Larsen C Ice Shelf and the impact of föhn winds
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      Surface melt and ponding on Larsen C Ice Shelf and the impact of föhn winds
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      Surface melt and ponding on Larsen C Ice Shelf and the impact of föhn winds
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This is an Open Access article, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution licence (, which permits unrestricted re-use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Corresponding author


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