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Age-related changes of the 3′APOB-VNTR genotype pool in ageing cohorts

  • G. De BENEDICTIS (a1), L. CAROTENUTO (a2), G. CARRIERI (a1), M. De LUCA (a1) (a3), E. FALCONE (a1), G. ROSE (a1), A. I. YASHIN (a4) (a5), M. BONAFÈ (a6) and C. FRANCESCHI (a3) (a6)...


The analysis of seven different age cohorts (697 individuals from 10 to 109 years old) revealed age-related changes in the 3′APOB-VNTR genotype pool. By recoding the 3′APOB-VNTR alleles into three size-classes (small, S, 26–34 repeats; medium, M, 35–39 repeats; large, L, 41–55 repeats), an age-related convex trajectory of the frequency of SS homozygotes was found. The frequency of SS in the genotype pool increased from the group aged 10–19 years (3.06±1.74%) to that aged 40–49 years (8.51±4.07%). Then it declined reaching the minimum value in centenarians (1.58±0.90%). The observed trajectory is in agreement with that expected by assuming crossing of mortality curves relevant to subgroups of individuals having different genotypes.


Corresponding author

Correspondence: G. De Benedictis, Dept. of Cell Biology, University of Calabria. 87030 Rende (CS). Italy. Fax +39 984 492 911. E-mail:


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