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New species and new records of Hermanella complex (Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae) from Eastern Brazilian Coast

  • Lucas R. C. Lima (a1), Jeane M. C. Nascimento (a2), Rodolfo Mariano (a3), Ulisses S. Pinheiro (a1) and Frederico F. Salles (a2)...


Based on collections in three coast Brazilian states, Hydrosmilodon plagatus sp. nov. and Needhamella mazama sp. nov. are described based on nymphs and adults. Besides the description of these species, new geographic records of the Hermanella complex are presented. The species included are: Hermanella maculipennis (Ulmer, 1920); Hermanella froehlichi Ferreira and Domínguez (1992); Hydrosmilodon gilliesae Thomas & Péru (2004); Hylister plaummani Domínguez and Flowers (1989); Leentvaaria palpalis Demoulin (1966); and Needhamella ehrhadti (Ulmer, 1920). In addition, in this work Leentvaaria palpalis is recorded from Brazil for the first time.


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New species and new records of Hermanella complex (Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae) from Eastern Brazilian Coast

  • Lucas R. C. Lima (a1), Jeane M. C. Nascimento (a2), Rodolfo Mariano (a3), Ulisses S. Pinheiro (a1) and Frederico F. Salles (a2)...


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