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Review: Animal model and the current understanding of molecule dynamics of adipogenesis

  • C. F. Campos (a1) (a2) (a3), M. S. Duarte (a1) (a3), S. E. F. Guimarães (a1) (a3), L. L. Verardo (a1) (a3), S. Wei (a4), M. Du (a2), Z. Jiang (a2), W. G. Bergen (a5), G. J. Hausman (a6), M. Fernyhough-Culver (a7), E. Albrecht (a8) and M. V. Dodson (a2)...


Among several potential animal models that can be used for adipogenic studies, Wagyu cattle is the one that presents unique molecular mechanisms underlying the deposit of substantial amounts of intramuscular fat. As such, this review is focused on current knowledge of such mechanisms related to adipose tissue deposition using Wagyu cattle as model. So abundant is the lipid accumulation in the skeletal muscles of these animals that in many cases, the muscle cross-sectional area appears more white (adipose tissue) than red (muscle fibers). This enhanced marbling accumulation is morphologically similar to that seen in numerous skeletal muscle dysfunctions, disease states and myopathies; this might indicate cross-similar mechanisms between such dysfunctions and fat deposition in Wagyu breed. Animal models can be used not only for a better understanding of fat deposition in livestock, but also as models to an increased comprehension on molecular mechanisms behind human conditions. This revision underlies some of the complex molecular processes of fat deposition in animals.


Corresponding author


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Review: Animal model and the current understanding of molecule dynamics of adipogenesis

  • C. F. Campos (a1) (a2) (a3), M. S. Duarte (a1) (a3), S. E. F. Guimarães (a1) (a3), L. L. Verardo (a1) (a3), S. Wei (a4), M. Du (a2), Z. Jiang (a2), W. G. Bergen (a5), G. J. Hausman (a6), M. Fernyhough-Culver (a7), E. Albrecht (a8) and M. V. Dodson (a2)...


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