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MicroRNA-499-5p regulates porcine myofiber specification by controlling Sox6 expression

  • X. Y. Wang (a1), X. L. Chen (a1), Z. Q. Huang (a1), D. W. Chen (a1), B. Yu (a1), J. He (a1), J. Q. Luo (a1), Y. H. Luo (a1), H. Chen (a2), P. Zheng (a1) and J. Yu (a1)...


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small non-coding RNAs that negatively regulate gene expression of target messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and miRNAs have been proven to play vital roles in skeletal muscle development. The miRNA-499-5p has been reported to be negatively related with the expression of Sox6, a critical transcription factor for the maintenance of fast-twitch skeletal muscle. In this study, we amplified a length of 2012-bp mRNA that contains a 1512-bp porcine Sox6 (pSox6) 3'UTR from skeletal muscle of a Duroc×Landrace×Yorkshire pig. By luciferase reporter assay we verified that pSox6 is a target of miR-499-5p. In extensor digitorum longus and Soleus muscles of pigs, the expression levels of miR-499-5p and pSox6 mRNA were also inversely correlated. Besides, overexpression of miR-499-5p in porcine satellite cells promoted the expression of MyHC I and MyHC IIa mRNA, along with a reduction of pSox6 mRNA. Taken together, these results indicate that miR-499-5p may facilitate the oxidative myofibers formation by downregulating pSox6 expression.


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MicroRNA-499-5p regulates porcine myofiber specification by controlling Sox6 expression

  • X. Y. Wang (a1), X. L. Chen (a1), Z. Q. Huang (a1), D. W. Chen (a1), B. Yu (a1), J. He (a1), J. Q. Luo (a1), Y. H. Luo (a1), H. Chen (a2), P. Zheng (a1) and J. Yu (a1)...


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