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Inclusion of sunflower seed and wheat dried distillers’ grains with solubles in a red clover silage-based diet enhances steers performance, meat quality and fatty acid profiles

  • C. Mapiye (a1) (a2), J. L. Aalhus (a1), T. D. Turner (a3), P. Vahmani (a1), V. S. Baron (a1), T. A. McAllister (a4), H. C. Block (a1), B. Uttaro (a1) and M. E. R. Dugan (a1)...


The current study compared beef production, quality and fatty acid (FA) profiles of yearling steers fed a control diet containing 70 : 30 red clover silage (RCS) : barley-based concentrate, a diet containing 11% sunflower seed (SS) substituted for barley, and diets containing SS with15% or 30% wheat dried distillers’ grain with solubles (DDGS). Additions of DDGS were balanced by reductions in RCS and SS to maintain crude fat levels in diets. A total of two pens of eight animals were fed per diet for an average period of 208 days. Relative to the control diet, feeding the SS diet increased (P<0.05) average daily gain, final live weight and proportions of total n-6 FA, non-conjugated 18:2 biohydrogenation products (i.e. atypical dienes) with the first double bond at carbon 8 or 9 from the carboxyl end, conjugated linoleic acid isomers with the first double bond from carbon 7 to 10 from the carboxyl end, t-18:1 isomers, and reduced (P<0.05) the proportions of total n-3 FA, conjugated linolenic acids, branched-chain FA, odd-chain FA and 16:0. Feeding DDGS-15 and DDGS-30 diets v. the SS diet further increased (P<0.05) average daily gains, final live weight, carcass weight, hot dressing percentage, fat thickness, rib-eye muscle area, and improved instrumental and sensory panel meat tenderness. However, in general feeding DGGS-15 or DDGS-30 diets did not change FA proportions relative to feeding the SS diet. Overall, adding SS to a RCS-based diet enhanced muscle proportions of 18:2n-6 biohydrogenation products, and further substitutions of DDGS in the diet improved beef production, and quality while maintaining proportions of potentially functional bioactive FA including vaccenic and rumenic acids.


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Inclusion of sunflower seed and wheat dried distillers’ grains with solubles in a red clover silage-based diet enhances steers performance, meat quality and fatty acid profiles

  • C. Mapiye (a1) (a2), J. L. Aalhus (a1), T. D. Turner (a3), P. Vahmani (a1), V. S. Baron (a1), T. A. McAllister (a4), H. C. Block (a1), B. Uttaro (a1) and M. E. R. Dugan (a1)...


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