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Genome-wide association analysis reveals genomic regions on Chromosome 13 affecting litter size and candidate genes for uterine horn length in Erhualian pigs

  • X. Ma (a1), P. H. Li (a1), M. X. Zhu (a2), L. C. He (a1), S. P. Sui (a1), S. Gao (a1), G. S. Su (a3), N. S. Ding (a4), Y. Huang (a5), Z. Q. Lu (a6), X. G. Huang (a7) and R. H. Huang (a1)...


Litter size has a great impact on the profit of swine producers. Uterine development is an important determinant of reproduction efficiency and could hence affect litter size. Chinese Erhualian pig is one of the most prolific breeds in the world, even though large phenotypic variation in litter size was observed within Erhualian sows. To dissect the genetic basis of the phenotypic variation, we herein conducted genome-wide association studies for total number born and number born alive (NBA) of Erhualian sows. In total, one significant single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) (P<1.78e−06) and 11 suggestive SNPs (P<3.57e−05) were identified on 10 chromosomes, confirming seven previously reported quantitative trait loci (QTL) and uncovering six QTL for litter size or uterus length. One locus on Sus scrofa chromosome (SSC) 13 (79.28 to 90.43 Mb) harbored a cluster of suggestive SNPs associated with multiparous NBA. The SNP (rs81447100) within this region was confirmed to be significantly (P<0.05) associated with litter size in Erhualian (n=313), Sutai (n=173) and Yorkshire (n=488) populations. Retinol binding protein 2 and retinol binding protein 1 functionally related to the development of uterus were located in a region of 2 Mb around rs81447100. Moreover, four genes related to embryo implantation and development were also detected around other significant SNPs. Taken together, our findings provide a potential marker (rs81447100) for the genetic improvement of litter size not only in Chinese Erhualian pigs but also in European commercial pig breeds like Yorkshire, and would facilitate the final identification of causative variant(s) underlying the effect of SSC13 QTL on litter size.


Corresponding author


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Genome-wide association analysis reveals genomic regions on Chromosome 13 affecting litter size and candidate genes for uterine horn length in Erhualian pigs

  • X. Ma (a1), P. H. Li (a1), M. X. Zhu (a2), L. C. He (a1), S. P. Sui (a1), S. Gao (a1), G. S. Su (a3), N. S. Ding (a4), Y. Huang (a5), Z. Q. Lu (a6), X. G. Huang (a7) and R. H. Huang (a1)...


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