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Effect of caponisation on growth and on carcass and meat characteristics in Castellana Negra native Spanish chickens

  • J. A. Miguel (a1), J. Ciria (a1), B. Asenjo (a1) and J. L. Calvo (a1)


This paper analyses the effect of caponisation at 8 weeks on growth and on carcass and meat characteristics of Castellana Negra chickens slaughtered at 29 weeks. Caponisation did not result in weight improvements as compared with uncastrated birds. No changes were observed in the growth rate or in the parameters determining the point of inflection in the growth curve (sexual maturity). Regarding carcass characteristics, castration resulted in a wider breast angle and heavier pectoral muscles in caponised birds than in uncastrated birds, but with no differences in thigh and drumstick weight and length. Capon meat showed a higher fat content than that of cocks, making it juicier and less fibrous. No differences were found in fatty acid content (C 14:0, C 18:0, C 18:1 and C 18:2). Nor were there any differences in colour measurements, pH or water loss from the meat. While cocks’ thighs + drumsticks were found to be tougher than their breasts, there were no such differences in capons because after castration, thigh + drumstick meat became more tender.


Corresponding author


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Effect of caponisation on growth and on carcass and meat characteristics in Castellana Negra native Spanish chickens

  • J. A. Miguel (a1), J. Ciria (a1), B. Asenjo (a1) and J. L. Calvo (a1)


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