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The rumen pathology of intensively managed beef cattle

  • A. C. Rowland (a1), M. F. Wieser (a1) and T. R. Preston (a1)


Histological examination of the rumen wall in intensively managed beef cattle confirmed the superficial nature of many of the lesions present and failed to reveal evidence of secondary bacterial infection. Of the lesions described, only intra-mucosal abscesses and their subsequent erosions proved to be significantly related to the occurrence of hyperkeratosis of the rumen mucosa. The remaining lesions, vacuolation of the stratum granulosum, acute microscopic ulceration, congestion of the submucosa and the presence of leucocyte aggregations in the submucosa, were all independent of this hyperkeratosis.



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The rumen pathology of intensively managed beef cattle

  • A. C. Rowland (a1), M. F. Wieser (a1) and T. R. Preston (a1)


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