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The relative performance and carcass characteristics of pigs sired by Hampshire and Large White boars

  • W. C. Smith (a1), J. N. Barkes (a1) and H. M. Tonks (a1)


Hampshire and Large White crosses were compared with purebred Large White pigs for litterproduction and post-weaning performance. Crossbreeding did not influence either litter size or total litter weight at birth but crossbred litters had 14 % more pigs at weaning than purebred litters. Total litter weight at weaning was 13 % greater i n crossbred litters. In two post-weaning trials (23 to 90 kg live weight), where feeding was either ad libitum or restricted according to live weight, Hampshire crosses had advantages over Large Whites in rate and efficiency of gain and killing-out percentage. The cross-breds had shorter carcasses but a greater eye-muscle area due primarily to a greater depth of lean in the muscle. All fat depth measurements indicated that the crossbreds were not significantly leaner than the purebreds and this was confirmed in the restricted trial when the carcasses were subjected to physical and chemical dissection. Hampshire carcasses did have a lower bone content than those of the purebreds, but crossbreeding did not influence joint proportions or lean distribution in the carcass.



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The relative performance and carcass characteristics of pigs sired by Hampshire and Large White boars

  • W. C. Smith (a1), J. N. Barkes (a1) and H. M. Tonks (a1)


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