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Plasma non-esterified fatty acid response to a β-adrenergic challenge before or after feeding in energy underfed or overfed, dry or lactating cows

  • Y. Chilliard (a1), A. Ferlay (a1), L. Desprès (a1) and F. Bocquier (a1)


The effects of adrenergic challenge (in order to evaluate the adipose tissue lipolytic potential) and time of challenge relative to feeding on the response curve of plasma non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) in four underfed or overfed non-lactating non-pregnant cows were studied. Basal NEFA and NEFA response to isoproterenol (ISO; 4 nmol/kg body weight) were higher when challenged before than after feeding and higher in underfed than overfed cows. Interaction between feeding level and time of challenge was significant (P < 0·001) for the rising part of NEFA response. Pooled NEFA response curves from several trials (no. = 63 challenges) were analysed in order to obtain a simplified procedure for the prediction of the NEFA response. High correlations were found between the response area or maximal NEFA response and NEFA response at 15 min (r = 0·95 and 0·98, respectively). This simplified procedure was applied on pooled data from 84 challenges in order to evaluate the effects of energy balance, physiological status, body condition score (BCS) and time of challenge relative to feeding. Energy balance had a significant effect on basal plasma NEFA and NEFA response at 15 min after ISO challenge (–7·6 and –14·2 μmol/l when the daily energy balance increased by 1 MJ, respectively). Time of ISO injection relative to feeding had a greater effect on stimulated NEFA than on basal NEFA (308 v. 239 μmol/l). There was a significant effect of BCS (41 μmol/l per unit of BCS) on the basal plasma NEFA level. The NEFA response at 15 min after ISO challenge was lower (387 μmol/l) in lactating cows than in dry cows. The NEFA response to ISO at 15 min could provide an efficient method of studying the adipose tissue lipolytic potential of cattle in vivo.



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Plasma non-esterified fatty acid response to a β-adrenergic challenge before or after feeding in energy underfed or overfed, dry or lactating cows

  • Y. Chilliard (a1), A. Ferlay (a1), L. Desprès (a1) and F. Bocquier (a1)


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