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A note on the live-weight growth in indigenous nigerian pigs

  • A. I. Essien (a1) and B. L. Fetuga (a1)


Live-weight growth was studied for 64 female, 64 castrated male and 64 intact male indigenous Nigerian pigs at 16 ages from birth to 672 days. The weights obtained were fitted into four different growth functions to derive prediction equations for the models used. The quadratic (W = a + bt + ct2) and the Schmalhausen functions (W = at) described live-weight growth better than the simple linear function fW = a + bt). Estimating live-weight growth using Brody's function (Y = aebt) gave the least exact predictive ability. Linear growth in indigenous Nigerian pigs occurred between 112 and 336 days. Castrated male pigs exhibited higher live-weight growth rates than either the female or intact male pigs. Differences in the prediction of live weights using the four growth functions and the actual live weights are presented and discussed.



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A note on the live-weight growth in indigenous nigerian pigs

  • A. I. Essien (a1) and B. L. Fetuga (a1)


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