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A note on the effect of dietary variety on food intake of cattle

  • A. Ramos (a1) and T. Tennessen (a2)


The possibility of using dietary variety to enhance food intake of ruminants was investigated with 36 Hereford steers. For 21 days, 18 animals were given a monotonous diet of either hay or silage, while 18 others were given a varied diet of hay and silage offered in succession, at either 12- or 24-h intervals. Dietary variety did not affect total food intake (P > 0·05). However, when offered both foods at the end of the trial, animals which had been restricted to hay showed a proportional increase of 0·15 in their acceptance of silage (P < 0·05), whereas animals restricted to silage showed an increase of 0·49 in their acceptance of hay (P < 0·05)



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A note on the effect of dietary variety on food intake of cattle

  • A. Ramos (a1) and T. Tennessen (a2)


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