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A note on change in body condition in Rasa Aragonesa ewes given ammonia-treated barley straw after weaning

  • A. Purroy (a1), C. Jaime (a1), F. Muñoz (a1) and T. T. Treacher (a1)


The effect of level of barley feeding (200, 400 or 600 g fresh matter per ewe per day) on the change in body condition, between weaning and mating, of ewes offered barley straw treated with ammonia was examined in experiment 1. In experiment 2, a 2 × 2 factorial design was used with two levels of restriction of metabolizable energy in lactation (proportionately 0·85 and 0·70 of the requirements) followed by two levels of feeding of barley (250 or 500 g) in the main experimental period. In experiment 1 the intake of straw was significantly lower when 600 glday was offered, and ewes given 200 g/day barky had significantly lower gain in live weight and body condition score. In experiment 2 the level of energy intake in lactation did not affect the intakes of straw, but the current level of barley feeding did.



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