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Intensive beef production. 12. Replacement of concentrates with chopped dried grass

  • M. Kay (a1), R. Massie (a1) and A. MacDearmid (a1)


1. A growth trial was carried out using 24 British Friesian steers given diets containing (1) 100%, (2) 60%, (3) 40% and (4) 0% concentrates and chopped dried grass up to 100%.

2. Daily dry-matter intake was significantly lower for steers on Treatment 1 than for steers on the other three treatments.

3. Rate of live-weight gain declined from 1·18 to 0·88 kg/day and carcass gain from 625 to 430 g/day between steers on Treatments 1 and 4.

4. Killing-out percentage dropped from 55·3% (1) to 51·9% (4) and the 8th-10th rib from steers on Treatments 3 and 4 contained significantly more crude protein and less ether-extractable matter than ribs from steers on Treatments 1 and 2.



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Intensive beef production. 12. Replacement of concentrates with chopped dried grass

  • M. Kay (a1), R. Massie (a1) and A. MacDearmid (a1)


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