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Induction of parturition in cattle

  • B. S. Prakash (a1) and M. L. Madan (a1)


Ten crossbred (Karan Swiss) cows were induced to calve about 1 month prior to expected term using either 25 mg dexamethasone alone (Group B) or 25 mg dexamethasone in combination with 25 mg vetoestrol (Group C). Another five animals served as controls (Group A). The average time interval from injection to calving was not significantly influenced by the two treatments used, and was 52·2 ± 4·07 h and 49·0 ± 1·55 h for groups B and C respectively. The mean gestation lengths for animals in groups A, B and C were 283·60 ± 2·77, 255·20 ± 1·93 and 255·20 ± 2·3 days respectively. The calves born from cows induced to calve early were significantly lighter at birth compared to controls (P < 0·05). The average live-weight gain over the first 12 weeks among calves was not significantly influenced by treatment averaging 2·58 ± 0·07, 2·81 ± 0·16 and 2·20 ± 0·16 kg/week for groups A, B and C respectively. Foetal membranes had not been voided by 24 h in the animals induced to calve early and hence required manual intervention. The length of the service period, number of services per conception and the milk yield of the cows induced to calve was not significantly different from their previous records (P > 0·05).



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Induction of parturition in cattle

  • B. S. Prakash (a1) and M. L. Madan (a1)


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