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Growth of pigs fed cool whey at two ambient temperatures

  • C. W. Holmes (a1)


1. Two experiments have been performed to compare the performance of pigs given cool ‘whey’ (15°C) with that of pigs fed warm ‘whey’ (40°C). Pigs were penned individually and the ‘whey’ was reconstituted from concentrated materials.

2. In both experiments pigs offered cool ‘whey’ grew at a slower rate and required more dry matter/kg live-weight gain than pigs offered warm ‘whey’; the differences in rate of gain were 11 % at 16°C air temperature in Experiment 1 and 5% at 22°C air temperature in Experiment 2.

3. It was estimated that the ‘heat of warming’ for the cool ‘whey’ might have accounted for its entire effect on rate of gain.



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Growth of pigs fed cool whey at two ambient temperatures

  • C. W. Holmes (a1)


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