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Growth, abdominal fat content, heat production and plasma hormone levels of naked-neck and control broiler chickens

  • E. Decuypere (a1), J. Buyse, P. Mérat (a2), J. Zoons (a1) and J. Vloeberghs (a1)...


The depressing effect of high rearing temperature (30°C) on body weights of heterozygous naked-neck broiler chickens was apparently less pronounced than in control broiler chickens but no effect of genotype, rearing temperature or interaction on abdominal fat pad content was found. Both genotype and rearing temperature affected plasma tri-iodothyronine but not growth hormone or insulin-like growth factor 1 levels in plasma. Rearing temperature of 20°C or 30°C had effect neither on the slope of the thermoregulatory heat production curves nor on the lower critical temperature in either genotypes except at 4 weeks of age.



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