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Expression of GHR and PGC-lα in association with changes of MyHC isof orm types in longissimus muscle of Erhualian and Large White pigs (Sus scrofa) during postnatal growth

  • Ru-Qian Zhao (a1), Xiao-Jing Yang (a1), Qin-Fu Xu (a1), Xi-Hui Wei (a1), Dong Xia (a1) and Jie Chen (a1)...


Myofibre composition in longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle of Erhualian (EHL) and Large White (LW) pigs was investigated by determining the ratios of mRNA abundances of four myosin heavy chain (MyHC) isoforms (MyHC I, MyHC 2a, MyHC 2x and MyHC 2b) using multiplex RT-PCR. The relationship between expression of growth hormone receptor (GHR) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α coactivator-lα (PGC-lα) mRNAs and changes ofmyofibre type composition during postnatal growth from 3 to 180 days of age were analysed. At 3 days of age, proportions of MyHC I, 2a and 2x fibres were high while only a few MyHC 2b fibres were differentiated. Dramatic changes were observed from day 3 to day 20 with significantly decreased MyHC I, 2a and 2x fibres but abrupt increases in MyHC 2b fibres in both breeds of pigs. Breed difference was exhibited only from day 90, with higher MyHC 2b but less MyHC I and 2a expression in LW pigs. Developmental pattern of GHR mRNA expression in LD muscle coincided with that of MyHC 2b, with LW pigs expressing higher abundance of GHR mRNA. PGC-lα mRNA expression followed distinct patterns in the two breeds of pigs, a higher level of PGC-lα mRNA being expressed in LD muscle of EHL pigs, the breed that possessed more oxidative fibres (MyHC I and MyHC 2a).


Corresponding author


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Expression of GHR and PGC-lα in association with changes of MyHC isof orm types in longissimus muscle of Erhualian and Large White pigs (Sus scrofa) during postnatal growth

  • Ru-Qian Zhao (a1), Xiao-Jing Yang (a1), Qin-Fu Xu (a1), Xi-Hui Wei (a1), Dong Xia (a1) and Jie Chen (a1)...


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