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The behaviour of pigs in a semi-natural environment

  • A. Stolba (a1) and D. G. M. Wood-Gush (a1)


In order to obtain a better knowledge of the behaviour of the domestic pig, a small population was established in 1978 near Edinburgh in an enclosure with several types of habitat, including woodland and bog. Over a 3·5-year period 13 different groups were studied with each group typically containing a boar, four sows, a young sub-adult boar and an immature gilt. The sow and her piglets were allowed to determine the time of weaning and, apart from providing food for maintenance and reproduction, handling was kept to a minimum. The behaviour of these pigs, which included most of the behaviour of the European wild boar, is described in a general manner for the non-specialist.



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The behaviour of pigs in a semi-natural environment

  • A. Stolba (a1) and D. G. M. Wood-Gush (a1)


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