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  • ISSN: 0003-1615 (Print), 1533-6247 (Online)
  • Editor: John F. Schwaller University at Albany (SUNY), USA
  • Editorial board
Published on behalf of the Academy of American Franciscan History

Founded in 1944, The Americas has become one of the principal journals of Latin American history. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and reviews about all geographical regions of Latin America including the Caribbean, reflecting a wide variety of methodological orientations. The journal welcomes works dealing with comparative and transnational themes within the region, and ones that address critical issues with new perspectives and methods. While submissions from all types of specialists are welcome, works by new voices are especially encouraged.

Scott Cave, Winner of the 2018 Tibesar Prize


The 2018 Tibesar Prize from the Conference on Latin American History and The Americas has been awarded to Scott Cave for his ground-breaking article (Madalena: The Entangled History of One Indigenous Floridian Woman in the Atlantic World). Read the 'best article' in The Americas from the previous year for free here!

The Americas

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In Memory of Judith Ewell, July 2019


 We are saddened by the recent passing of Judith Ewell. She was a major figure in modern Latin American history, both as a research scholar and as a teacher. She will be deeply missed. Check out and enjoy complimentary access to this excellent interview (Epitaph of a Small Winner: My First 50 Years in Academe) with Judith Ewell here

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