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Instructions for authors
Letters or research notes in APSR

The American Political Science Review (APSR) publishes letters, or research notes. The editors seek manuscripts on a wide variety of problem-driven scholarship that is well-conceptualized, ethically designed, and well-executed; research on topics the discipline has been slow to engage; work that uses a range of methods and approaches to address both timely and timeless questions about power and governance that are central to the study of politics; and by a diverse array of scholars. Although letters are reviewed like manuscripts, they are shorter, more focused, demonstrate a novel perspective on existing research, and encourage scholarly debate (maximum length 4,000 words rather than the 12,000 of article submissions). Typically, a letter does not have the long literature review that is standard in manuscripts and has a much briefer introduction, motivation, analysis, and conclusion. Letters often include, but are not limited to, a new theoretical perspective, methodological progress, alternative empirical findings, as well as comments on and extensions of existing work. Letters have few figures and tables; instead, they communicate new insights and the main ideas succinctly, in accessible prose. Letters should thereby increase discussion across political science subfields and across disciplines, reaching a broad readership.

Publishing your article as Gold Open Access 

You will have the option to publish your article as Gold Open Access, enabling the final published version to be made freely available under a Creative Commons license. You might be required to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) for Gold Open Access. You may be eligible for a waiver or discount, for example if your institution is part of a Read and Publish sales agreement with Cambridge University Press. For more information about your Open Access options, please see here. For more information about the benefits of choosing to publish Open Access, see here.