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Thomas M.Franck (1931–2009)

  • Rosalyn Higgins


Thomas M. Franck was born in 1931 in Berlin, Germany. His family left only in 1938, securing entry to Vancouver, Canada. He arrived speaking German, but rapidly acquired proficiency in English and completed his schooling there.



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1 A phrase usefully employed by Benedict, Kingsbury Neo-Madisonian Global Constitutionalism: Thomas M. Franck’s Democratic Cosmopolitan Prospectus for Managing Diversity and World Order in the Twenty-first Century , 35 N.Y.U. J. Int’l L. & Pol. 291, 294 (2003).

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4 See note 17 infra.

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15 Michael Reisman and Jonathan Charney were elected together as editors in chief of the Journal for a five-year term from 1998 to 2003, but after the premature death of Professor Charney in 2002, Professor Reisman completed the term on his own.

16 Thomas, M. Franck On Proportionality of Countermeasures in International Law , 102 AJIL 715 (2008).

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18 The Canadian Council of International Law awarded him its Read Medal for an outstanding contribution to international law and organizations in 1994.

19 Thomas, M. Franck Of Gnats and Camels: Is There a Double Standard at the United Nations? 78 AJIL 811 (1984).

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23 On this, see Kennedy, supra note 14, at 406.

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26 Legitimacy was another subject on which Franck did innovative work. Thomas, M. Franck Legitimacy in the International System , 82 AJIL 705 (1988); Thomas, M. Franck The Power of Legitimacy Among Nations (1990).

27 See Thomas, M. Franck The Emerging Right to Democratic Governance , 86 AJIL 46 (1992).

28 Franck, Fairness in International Law and Institutions, supra note 17, at 16-18.

29 See the sometimes stringent analysis of his writings made by certain of the contributors to the 2002 conference in his honor held at New York University, International Law andJustice in the Twenty-first Century: The Enduring Contributions of Thomas M. Franck , 35 N.Y.U. J. Int’l L. & Pol. 291 (2003).

30 Thomas, M. Franck Remarks, in In What Sense Is International Law Law? (Mar. 26, 2009), available athtup-.lI (transcript). The panel can also be ordered in audio form from the ASIL Web site.

* Of the Board of Editors.

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Thomas M.Franck (1931–2009)

  • Rosalyn Higgins


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